RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment

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Product Description

Get Delicious, Deep Conditioning for Your Hair, now!

Consider the smoothie.  Packed with natural fruits, vegetables and proteins, it’s a feel-good, good-for-you treat that’s designed to provide energizing, body-loving nutrition from the inside out. You know how good you feel after a great workout and a revitalizing smoothie!

Now, multiply that times ten, and experience what “connoisseurs of hair” know! 

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment… Exclusive unique conditioning that  exceeds your expectations making your hair feel vibrant, full of body and response….richand luxurious.

A Naturally Vitamin-Packed Formula that you want, now!

Crafted with an exclusive and proprietary formula containing coconut extracts, honey, jojoba oil olive oil, aloe and vitamins B2, B6, B12 and E, every ingredient in RoMANce, specifically blended in a distinct ratio powerfully manages your hair’s natural moisture levels, strength and pH balance – resulting in silky smooth, totally touchable shine that you deserve, as well as superior strength and visual appearance that affirms to the world, that your hair is  refined and of the highest quality. 

No Fillers, No Harsh Chemicals–Just Perfect Goodness

Because of its weightless, naturally-nourishing formula, RoMANce is a must for color-treated hair, too.  By restoring the hair’s natural oils and strength, you’ll realize after the first  application, your hair is more manageable and remarkably improved, and you will love how you feel knowing your hair feels fantastic.   What’s more, RoMANce deep conditioner contains no harsh chemicals, overwhelming scents or parabens, making your hair stronger and healthier.  There are zero fillers and no artificial ingredients, so your hair benefits from this highly refined natural nutrition that weaves through each and every strand. And, yes, it’s even Gluten-FREE!  What’s more, is that the ingredients are “layered” to absorb into your hair according to your hair’s porosity ( ability to absorb ), each one infusing your hair with what it needs at that very moment, and then self-adjusting according to your hair’s needs, each time you use it. 

See Noticeable Improvement from the Very First Use

See and feel why customers around the world have fallen in love with our exotic, natural formula.  Tame even the most demanding mane without the need for phthalates, parabens, silicones, mineral oil and other synthetic ingredients. Watch as your hair is transformed into silky-smooth, touchably soft and luxuriously attractive tresses.   Your hair will command attention giving you what you want – confidence and the advantage – ready for the day ahead.  As part of your normal shower hair care routine, Romance’s power packed ingredients self adjust so that you enjoy day-by-day improvements from the very first use.

What makes Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment so effective?  It’s made from REAL ingredients, not artificial ingredients.  Real apples, real lemons, real aloe vera.  How would you feel if your smoothie was made of candied apple, orange soda, lemon drops and high fructose corn syrup? Put this in a beautiful plastic big gulp cup, put beautiful pictures of apples, oranges and lemons, and you’ve got the equivalent of name brand products from drug stores and most salons!   Don’t you want the real thing?  Don’t you want purity and perfection?  Don’t you deserve the best?  This is why Romance is the perfect conditioner you want now?   Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment creates a level of perfection only the most discerning people, like you,  demand.

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