About Blush Skin Bar


Cherilyn Cowell started Blush Skin Bar with a passion to bring the best skin care treatments and professional makeup services to her clients. She specializes in PCA Chemical Peels, Dermatude Meta Therapy and Airbrush Makeup for weddings and other special events.

The top skin care concern she has encountered by her clients is the desire to even skin tone and Hyperpigmentation from sun damage. Her 15+ years experience as a Licensed Esthetician and continuous education in treating Hyperpigmentation has instilled in her a belief in consistent professional chemical peels (along with pushing the use of sun protection) to help to improve this condition.

In addition, most of her clients want to use cruelty-free, eco-conscious beauty products at home, so she has made it a priority to find the cleanest Indie Beauty products available that are still effective. You will find these products in her Carlsbad Village Studio or on her website www.blushskinbar.com where you can also find product reviews, blogs and special offers. Her philosophy is to do what is best for you, do your research, educate yourself on treatments and ingredients, and treat all things with respect. You’ll be happy you did.